Gilberto Silva’s Gorilla Trek & Kwita Izina Ceremony Experience | Visit Rwanda

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Ай бұрын

Gilberto Silva is the latest Arsenal legend to be a special guest at Rwanda’s annual baby mountain gorilla naming ceremony, Kwita Izina, one of the country’s biggest events of the year and a world-renowned celebration of conservation.
#visitrwanda #arsenal
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Rwanda Magic Travel
Rwanda Magic Travel Ай бұрын
As Rwandan residents thank you Arsenal ❤️🤍 we love you in every angle 🌹
Arsenal fan
Arsenal fan Ай бұрын
Love how we have supporters from everywhere around the world
ittan tumanggor
ittan tumanggor Ай бұрын
Come to Indonesia. And you'll see the next level of football sickness here.. LOL
I M Ай бұрын
I love how close we are to our legends
Mohamed Jamal
Mohamed Jamal Ай бұрын
What a lovely ceremony. I've visited Rwanda 10 years ago. I've got to go again. 🇰🇪 ❤️ COYG
george wi
george wi Ай бұрын
Wow. What a choice for a club ambassador. Coincidentally, He is also a humble guy just like the gorilla's name. happy for him. COYG
Dan Kimenyi
Dan Kimenyi Ай бұрын
I wish i was there thanks arsenal for paying a visit to my country once again
Volcanoes National Park Rwanda
Volcanoes National Park Rwanda Ай бұрын
Hi Gilberto Silver and the entire staff at Arsenal, thanks for visiting and trekking the mountain gorillas at volcanoes national park here in Rwanda you really playing a very big role in the conservation of these rare and gentle primates. This world would have been a lesser place without these mountain gorillas and continue to rest in peace Dian fossey.
Demo_Patriots Ай бұрын
Rwanda is proud to be apart of this Amazing Arsenal movement..
Norbert Garcia
Norbert Garcia Ай бұрын
The invisible wall! What an absolute legend. Top Goon 💪🏼💪🏼
Chaingui Rafael da Silva
Chaingui Rafael da Silva 17 күн бұрын
As a gooner and a Brazilian man, I can tell this is one of Brazil's finest football players ever!
Jeremy Spoke in
Jeremy Spoke in Ай бұрын
Gilbert invincible and legend ❤
Wayne Ай бұрын
The man comes from the same climate, he was prepared😅
Руслан Арсенал
Руслан Арсенал Ай бұрын
Просто Пушка 👍💯🔥
Arsenal Gameplay
Arsenal Gameplay Ай бұрын
Congratulations Gilberto, this is a happy life
Hakim Ziyech
Hakim Ziyech Ай бұрын
Gilberto Silva 🤩❤🙌🏻
Karemera Desire pacifique
Karemera Desire pacifique Ай бұрын
Wish you too to come to Rwanda
Muhamad Helmi
Muhamad Helmi 26 күн бұрын
So happy to see Arsenal legend dedicate his whole adult live with Arsenal. In 20 years, maybe we will see Starboy Bukayo Saka playing with gorilla too.
Dizo 250 official
Dizo 250 official Ай бұрын
Proud of my country Rwanda 🇷🇼🇷🇼
Mohamed Jamal
Mohamed Jamal Ай бұрын
Love Rwanda from Kenyan Gunner!
Ambience & Relaxation
Ambience & Relaxation Ай бұрын
Genuinely believe Visit Rwanda is the best tourism partnership deal in the world.
Imperador Aurelianus
Imperador Aurelianus Ай бұрын
Up gunner excellent job, watching from benue state 🇳🇬
Date Two
Date Two Ай бұрын
Am a proud Rwandees🤩 Arsenal for Life😍
Karemera Desire pacifique
Karemera Desire pacifique Ай бұрын
Welcome again to Rwanda our motherland peaceful country
Hope Hisense
Hope Hisense Ай бұрын
Legenddddd 🥰🥰😍😍😍
AJooni Ай бұрын
Asking one our more introverted legends to take part in such ceremony must have been a big ask)) but he did it, which is awesome for our club. So great to keep seeing ex players still taking part in supporting Arsenal every way they could. ❤️🤍 On a side note, Gilberto hasn’t aged a year! Haha
Kalando Brown
Kalando Brown Ай бұрын
Love my club.
Lil Taker ♪
Lil Taker ♪ Ай бұрын
Rwanda 🇷🇼♥️
sea bass
sea bass Ай бұрын
Beautiful trip for gilberto silva! Send gabi martinelli and fabio vieira for next rwanda adventure pls and thank you ❤🤍
70% Ethiopia
70% Ethiopia Ай бұрын
Legend 🔴⚪
Hey!Carl... Ай бұрын
Let's go, What a amazing place 🤩
Sonu Negi
Sonu Negi Ай бұрын
@1:19 is this metteo guendouzi?!🤣
Bagboy Ай бұрын
Kenyans don't tell me you didn't see Savara and Polycarp from Sauti sol
Samuel Lastdon
Samuel Lastdon Ай бұрын
Man Brazilian
Danny Taylor
Danny Taylor Ай бұрын
They should have let the fan name the gorilla
D프라임 Ай бұрын
질베 같은 알짜배기 선수가 다시 나올까?ㄷㄷ
El Gaming ID
El Gaming ID Ай бұрын
miss u legend❤️
Big The Gamer
Big The Gamer Ай бұрын
What a journey
Tom Parkman
Tom Parkman Ай бұрын
What's the song?
Rang Klos
Rang Klos Ай бұрын
1:11 she must be the most beautiful lady I have ever seen!
Mohamed Jamal
Mohamed Jamal Ай бұрын
Bro Rwandans are so beautiful 😍 and kind, too. I literally stopped one gorgeous lady and complimented her, got her number that day, and went out with her the next day.
hallooo9 Ай бұрын
Terence Ай бұрын
Arsenal for Africa
Athletics SportsHub
Athletics SportsHub Ай бұрын
Rwanda's language? Really now?
Dayat Yat
Dayat Yat Ай бұрын
Arsenal Legend for me ..
Jack Childish
Jack Childish Ай бұрын
The invincible one
rajassa Ай бұрын
Its better than a stupid rainbow
Graham Robb
Graham Robb Ай бұрын
It's fans like you we can do without
Graham Robb
Graham Robb Ай бұрын
Dya think ?🤡
Yachuuka Yooo
Yachuuka Yooo Ай бұрын
Gyöngyösi Gergely
Gyöngyösi Gergely Ай бұрын
tdb1726 Ай бұрын
don't you use Gilberto to sportswash this place
Patzinho Ай бұрын
Arsenal already sponsored by them the same with PSG and it’s on the kit so this doesn’t make a big difference. And what is wrong with him doing this, what is wrong with Rwanda?
Rafał Szulc
Rafał Szulc Ай бұрын
Gilberto Silva a Tottenham fan
Sav E Goo
Sav E Goo Ай бұрын
Gimbatul Ай бұрын
Won't be visiting Rwanda. UK might decide I'm no longer a citizen, and put me in a refugee camp. Huge L from the country. 30 years since the genocide. Hell no.
Karemera Desire pacifique
Karemera Desire pacifique Ай бұрын
Rwanda is peaceful country than UK don't insist to stay there
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